Family Life Lessons

I am so excited!!! Next week my husband and I will be going to our 4th Weekend To Remember. This is a marriage conference hosted by Family Life. Here is the link for more information (

I am excited because every year God has given me revelation for my marriage. Below is what I learned at Weekend To Remember.

Year 1: Everything I say or do will bring us closer to each other in oneness or push us towards isolation. Satan wants us to feel alone so we can’t be one. When isolation happens we are divided. Never forget that you a Team.

Year 2: Intimacy in marriage is spelled IN-TO-ME-YOU-SEE. Intimacy is so much deeper; more than physical. Do not allow fear to prevent you from being honest and sharing what is on your heart. The avoidance of conflict hinders true in-to-me-you-see. Working through the conflict will draw us closer in oneness.

Year 3: Practice constantly grace and be very quick to forgive so negativity and hopeless doesn’t set in, because when that happens isolation takes place.

Can’t wait to see what I learn this year!