Being Let Go

So about a year ago in November, I was laid off from my job. I worked at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment center. I worked as their outreach and ministry coordinator. In that role I would represent the center at different events, on community task forces, and at conferences. Losing my job at the time was not a positive thing. I remember the emotions I had at that fact I would have to tell my husband. However, when my supervisor told me that I was being let go, it was well with my soul.  Honestly I knew that God will provide and that there was purpose in this. I didn’t know what it was or the blessing it led me to.

On November 1st, the blessing was revealed and I am thankful that I was let go from that center because it allowed and positioned me to support more my husband’s dream, his vision to help people Walk It Out in recovery and sobriety through Walk It Out Recovery Services. November 1st was the Council on Chemical Abuse Annual Conference. Last year I represented the treatment center I was working for. This year I was able to represent my husband’s business. My husband and I was able to talk to so many people to let them know about the recovery support services we provide. If I was still working at that treatment center I would have been at the conference representing and promoting them, instead of Walk It Out Recovery Services.

Sometimes we are moved out of places so we can move into something better.

Click here to see some pictures of my husband and I at the conference.