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Are there thoughts-internal lies-saying you can’t do it-that you will fail? F.E.A.R. can mean: Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise. This reflective group discussion will be a safe place to discover what might be causing you to run instead of rise. The hope of this session is to renew your mind and gain a healthy and true understanding of who you are by working through anything that’s hindering you from being your best self as a leader.

Comments From Participants:

“I appreciate the opportunity you have given me to reflect on my leadership abilities. At times I tend to forget and lose sight of who I am as a leader and it certainly helps to reflect on myself from time to time. Your presentation was excellent and very informative.”

“I really liked talking about the fears we have because we usually just look at being confident and how to be a leader, but we seldom talk about what we are scared of. Thank you!”

“I thought the program was motivating and helpful.”

“Overall, the presentation was fantastic…Continue to inspire individuals.”


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